Fil Financial is a real estate consulting firm serving Northern California with an emphasis on the nine-county Bay Area. Our services include:

  • appraisals

  • appraisal review

  • project consulting

  • litigation support

  • broker

  • asset management*

Properties appraised include:

  • industrial

  • commercial

  • hotels and motels

  • multifamily residential

  • office

  • residential care facilities

  • special use homes

  • vacant land

*Asset management services include demographic and economic forecasts, investment analysis, and market studies. We also provide Replacement Cost Estimates, Actual Cash Value and Insurable Value Estimates.

gray and yellow measures
gray and yellow measures





Multifamily Residential

Vacant Land

Special Use

Properties Appraised

Sample of Consulting Assignments


Appraisal Review

Lease/Sale Negotiations

Evaluating Renovation Programs

Investment Analysis

Market Research and Analysis

Asset Management Reports

Broker Price Opinion


Ad Valorem Taxes

Acquisition/Due Diligence

Liquidation Value

Estate Planning

Going Concern

Litigation Support

Education and Background

I have an undergraduate degree in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics and a Master of Science degree in Real Estate and Investment Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After graduating I moved to New York and worked on Wall Street where I acquired real estate assets for a private equity firm. I then joined Valuation Research Corporation and focused on retail and office valuations. I also worked as a review appraiser for Luther Burbank Savings and was promoted to operations manager where I redesigned the appraisal and review process modernized the appraisal department.

While living in San Francisco, I started a commercial appraisal firm. That same year I started writing ng my first book: Careers in the Environment. While writing the book I interviewed countless professionals who combined their careers with a cause. During this time, I also became interested in helping individuals find their ideal job. Finding the right career means matching what you value and enjoy, not matching your skills with any available jobs. Just because you are good at math does mean you want to be an accountant or go back to school to be an engineer. After working with dozens of professionals, I crafted a four-step program to help people identify their ideal job.

While my focus is on real estate investments, my colleagues also refer their clients to me for help their finances. So, I started teaching people how to save, budget, manage and invest their money. The fact is that most of my clients became wealthy by spending less then they earned, understood saving a little now is better than saving “a fortune” later and made risk appropriate investments. During the pandemic, my teenage daughter and I wrote A Money Book Anyone Can Read. The book explains how to eliminate debt, save, and invest as well as discussing debt, insurance, estate planning and other financial issues.